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John "Burbank"

John "Burbank" is a Lancaster, PA native with a diverse range of passions and talents. A devoted family man first and foremost, he's also a musician, aspiring writer, and skilled tattoo artist.
When he's not crafting melodies on his guitar, John finds solace in the world of words and art. His days often begin with a groan-worthy dad joke, followed by hours of sketching with his trusty pencil (or Apple Pencil). Tattooing is not just a profession for John; it's a passion that allows him to create bold, detailed designs in both vibrant colors and classic black and gray. Outside of Tattooing, you'll likely find John immersed in his love for vintage Volkswagens. Whether he's tinkering under the hood or cruising down the streets of Lancaster, his appreciation for these classic cars is evident. In his downtime, he's a devoted fan of professional wrestling, always ready to debate the latest matches and storylines with friends.John's role as a father extends to both his three children and his beloved canine companion. As a "parent," he cherishes every moment spent with his furry friend, Rufus, who often keeps him company during long tattoo sessions. Among his circle of friends, John is known as the go-to problem solver. Blessed with the uncanny ability to be right about everything (or so he claims), he's the one his peers turn to for advice, whether it's about car troubles or the latest wrestling drama.
In his tattooing work, John thrives on creating large, custom pieces that blend bold lines with intricate details. Each design is a testament to his creativity and dedication to his craft, earning him a loyal following of clients who appreciate his unique style. For John "Burbank," life is a canvas waiting to be filled with music, words, art, and the occasional dad joke. His days are a blend of creative expression, family adventures, and the joy of pursuing his many passions.

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