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Rose "Dead Star"

Rose "Dead Star" was raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina, with the expectation of a life filled with rainbows and good times. However, when reality proved different, she faced each challenge head-on before eventually making her way north. These days, she juggles her time between freelance modeling, immersing herself in horror movies, and caring for her two cherished children.
In 2017, Rose took a dive into the tattoo industry following her initial foray into piercing. She delights in flipping tired, commonplace tattoo styles upside down, infusing them with a dash of darkness and her distinct flair. Her motto, "live, laugh, love," is always depicted in a metal font, capturing her blend of humor and edge.
With a musical palette ranging from pop punk to country, Rose's eclectic tastes mirror her diverse interests and ever-changing moods. It's clear that Rose "Dead Star" Tattoos, just the way she lives her life, embraces authenticity fearlessly, effortlessly merging the traditional with her daring, unconventional style.

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